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Look inside your oven [even self-cleaning ovens] tonight. Don’t forget to look up at the ceiling of the oven. If you see lots of black spots, black splatter on the base and residual cooking splatters build up on the ceiling, then we recommend a visit from Mr Oven.
Does your oven sparkle?
Why buy a new oven when a professional deep cleaning process will add years to your oven

Mr Oven regular deep cleaning of your oven will:
- REDUCE electricity costs as your oven works better when the heating elements are clear of previous cooking matter
- REDUCE the risk of fire by exposing the heating elements to uneven heating because of residual splatter/grease
- REDUCE the risk of smoke
- REDUCE the risk of smoke damaging surrounding furniture
- REDUCE the chance of taste contamination from one meal to the next
- INCREASE the longevity of the oven
- PROUDLY have a sparkling appliance in the kitchen
Ovens’ serviced include:
Who should be using the Mr. Oven cleaning service?
- Homes that use their oven as part of the family everyday routine
- House proud and health conscious owners
- Home owners renting out rooms/flats /cottages
- Buying/selling a new home
- AirBnB owners
- Property rental agents
- Property management companies

Mr Oven provides a professional on site oven cleaning service:
- International processes applied
- Before clean and after clean report provided
- Oven doors removed, stripped and cleaned
- Grids and oven racks cleaned
- Back panels removed and fans cleaned
- Gas hobs cleaned and polished [on request]
- Oven lights, light casings, thermal fans and rubber seals replaced [on request]
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Areas covered: From Simons town to Cape Town. [Additional call out fee may apply if further than 30kms from Tokai]