With specialised Dip Tank, Organic cleaning technology

• Fed up of your dirty oven?
• Paid a fortune for expensive oven cleaners and they just don't work?
We will clean your oven to a fantastic showroom finish, using our specialist cleaning technology.
We do not use any chemicals in your home and our SABS Organic oven cleaners are totally safe for children and pets.

What we do !!!

  • We clean your oven in 1 –2 hours on site.
  • We use non-caustic and non-toxic, organic, SABS approved products.
  • We remove and split the oven door, all the removable parts from your oven are immersed in a special de-carbonating dip tank, where they are deep cleaned
  • We remove all traces of grease, fat, and burnt on carbon deposits.
  • We polish and buff the entire unit and your oven is back to  “like new, showroom” condition.

Why have your oven professionally cleaned?

  • We restore your oven’s original “sparkle”.
  • No fumes or strong odours and no mess, just unbelievable results.
  • Oven operates more efficiently
  • Your oven is ready for immediate use with no smoke or toxic smells.