Why have my oven professionally cleaned by MR OVEN?  

It is simply a job we all hate to do, made more difficult, when you do not have the right tools for the job.

It’s hard, dirty and difficult work.

Your oven will operate more efficiently and certainly be more hygienic.

Off the shelf oven cleaners are expensive and just don’t work. They can also be abrasive to your hands and leave a residue in the oven, that will give off fumes and can affect the taste of your food.

What does a professional MR OVEN clean entail?

The removal of all knobs, grills, fan covers, linings and seals. The doors are removed and split, in order to completely clean the door and the internal door glass...

All, removed, parts are then submerged in our ORGANIC, non toxic cleaning solution in a specially designed heated DIP-TANK.

The entire hob is then cleaned and buffed to a high standard with our Organic cleaning solutions.

In fact, on completion, your oven will have been restored to a near to new condition.

How long does the Mr OVEN  cleaning process take?
Usually, the process will take no more than 1 to 2 hours

What cleaning products does Mr OVEN use?
All products are specially formulated, ORGANIC, non toxic and totally safe for your children and pets. Our products will not damage surfaces and do not leave residue.

You will have no, “roast chicken a La, Oven cleaner” !!!!!!

How soon can the oven be used?
Your oven is ready for immediate use

Are MR OVEN technicians insured?
For your peace of mind, our technicians are fully insured.

Self-cleaning ovens
The self cleaning process, over time, becomes less and less effective as the oven does not reach high enough temperatures, during the cleaning process. The build up of grease, fat and food splashes, need to be professionally cleaned.

What training do Mr OVEN technicians receive?

The training given to our technicians is extensive and ongoing, both in house and onsite.

How do I make a booking with MR OVEN?

Contact us now for more information.